Blogging from the Ipad

So it has come to my attention, due to the lack of a laptop, a long commute every morning, and this magical device(which I’m currently writing blog post from), that the iPad has become my new best friend. So to speak.

Currently, I look for several things on a device:

1.What it can do for me.
2. What purpose would it serve in my everyday life.

I was oppose to the Ipad. As a designer, artist, business kid, and technical robot, all my alarms went off when I remotely even thought about it. But guess what, My “futurist artist” self took over and changed all my worries.

So currently, I haven’t been able to put the Ipad down. It’s my digital companion, my guide to the galaxy, and designer friendly resource center. With apps like SketchBookpro, Photoshop Express, and WordPress, it supplies my “on the go digital” lifestyle. Hey, it also supplies my Futurama episodes needs on the bus.

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