The Ipad..aka my sketchbook.

Obviously I’m not the only one. I purchased an Ipad last year, in the hopes to replace my Moleskine sketchbooks. Is it a suitable replacment? Yes, from time to time.

Technology isn’t going to replace paper(cough cough iBooks..cough cough Fail.) It definitely isn’t going to replace my sketchbook. But, its pretty damn suitable. But, you guys know what the problem is, no pressure senstivity. I’ve been advocating this  for awhile. I figured Wacom will step up, and make a mobile Cintq/Computer. But thats going to come with a price, a fucking HUGE price.

So what makes the Ipad a valuable sketch pad? The ability to just whip it out(you know what I mean). While i’m drawing on my desktop, there it is, right next to it. It helps visualize and pre-visualize anything I’m working on. Sketchbook App is installed, so I can doodle down ideas quick and painlessly, then upload it back into my desktop to continue work.

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