Art for Hope

Through a unique collaboration, Autodesk and VIZ Media will produce Art for Hope, a limited edition digital art anthology to be sold through the VIZ Manga App for iOS devices ( and web portal (, with 100% of VIZ Media proceeds going toward supporting disaster relief efforts in Japan. All of the artwork in the collection, which is currently scheduled to release in Fall 2011, will be created using Autodesk SketchBook® software.


“Love” by Jacques Pena

When the sun peeks outside my blinds,and light pours out, there is hope.

Seeing the warm colors flourish from the rising sun that shines on us, I feel hope.

When inspiration comes from looking over the earth, and the life that bares itself on it, I believe in hope.

These words Inspired a foundation of this piece.


I was asked to help contribute art for this collaboration of Autodesk and Vizmedia. It was a honor to participate. As an artist, there are creations that fall under a greater a message, and this one was a major one. Out of anything I create over the next year, this one will always be special. Special thanks goes out to Chris Cheung, Joel Enos, and Candice Uyloan.

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