Sketch Book Pro Illustration: “Cyberneticses”

I was at Star Buckies the other day, comtemplating a Illustration I was doing. The image I’m talking about, is the one above. For the past few weeks, I wanted to illustrate some old school, Jacques type drawings. I normally do this in 3d, but I got so comfortable with SBP over the past few weeks, and with my new Cintiq, this was more fun creating.

My love of Illustrating has become now, what it was 10 years ago. When i purchase Bristol board, fine pencils from the local art store, I knew I was getting ready to create something beautiful. I felt that feeling just recently when working with Sketch Book Pro, and illustrating full blown pieces of Art. Then, I start thinking back a few years ago, when I was just using Sketch Book pro to simply just doodle. Damn, has that change since then.

Since my purchase of a Cintiq, with the combination of SBP, I think I’m starting to get really scared that technology, is feeling a little to much like traditional tools. But scared in a good way. I’m all about evolution of art and tech, in fact I consider my self a posterboy for it. The Doors are open, for anything to be created, and that’s what I love the most. Creation and the creations not yet created, is there for us to manifest.



2 thoughts on “Sketch Book Pro Illustration: “Cyberneticses”

    • I hate to say this Jeff, but the realization of dumping physical tools, is heartbreaking, but evolution has to take its place. As an artist, its are responsibility to evolve. I can spend anywhere to 200+ on supplies on a single trip, the same amount can go for a tablet. Back in school, I spent 100-200 on keeping up with supplies every trip. My drawing table alone cost me 200 dollars. Its insane.

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