That 9 Dimensional kid is updating…

You ever had one of those days, your sitting at your computer, and then you like “FUKZOR” I need to update my website. Oh wait Jquery, wtf is that. What Google + button? “Fukzor again”, facebook shit, why is this getting complicated. Well its for your own good. You want people to press your buttons, then they like you, right? Ballz.

The truth of the matter is, its good for you. Let me people know you exist, and feel a little appreciated. So what, if I broke my main page 18 times so i can have a google + button, and in frustration stepped on my cat. So what. I got my google + button, oh wait…its not there..its broken…I forgot, I dont know shit about editing webpages…FUKZOR.

So, we are here, in the dead zone updating the site, cause I love you guys, I love my artist friends, I love all you. I sacrificed mt cat for you guys…your welcome. Btw stay tuned, Updating this MOFO.


UPDATE: My + works…thank you JEBUS! OH Lordy Lordy Lordy

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