Blog update 3dsmax Construction and Production

Even is the most uncharted, back waters of the galaxy, you need to plan accordignly. I’ve been working a few days incorporating a logo into a car engine, a super charged car engine.

Using 3dsmax to construct, piece by piece, a engine of monstrous porportion. The catch, is it encompasses the 3dsmax logo, a symbol of creation, power, and speed. So where do you start? Concept.The over arching problem, is it has to be unique. Planning accordingly is the key, know your subject and research. I use sketchbook pro to conceptualize, develop, and create all ideas. Iterating in the early concept stage, deciding the right design and idea. If its not fun and interesting, your doing it wrong.

I’m a car guy, so watching F1 racing, playing forza 4 inspired me to do this. But, this was not my first idea, just the most sensible one. Building the models in 3dsmax 2012, you needed a game plan for organization. I’m building a engine, there are almost thousands of pieces(not so in real life). Separating them into a naming category by section, for example. E_01, B_08, E= Engine B=Block, by layers of course and color coding. Plan accordingly.

We are still in early development for this image. Its a creative piece, things will evolve. Rendering out test shots in mid production, to preplan compositing, if any, and how much will it be involved. Its good to take breaks and actually play around with simple task that helps you plan for the future. Opportunity for iterations and to regress, and improve upon ideas, composition, and even concept.

So what do I know giving this round of iteration? Vray will be main renderer. I flushed out the passes I will need. I would love to add more details in the wiring of the Engine model. Add more color, and variations to the materials. Migrate more a connection from the logo to the engine. Add 2 secondary engineer characters who will interact with the engine. Develop a different studio lighting set, complimenting reflection, paint and chrome.

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