Thanks for everything Creative Corner Team..

Autodesk University in Las Vegas came and went. The creative Corner saw the best of the best. I cant thank the Autodesk Team, CreativeStudio Team, and the Sketch Book Pro Team enough for the support.

On a personal note, I want to thank:

Kyle Runciman
Shaun Mullen(I love you mate)
Phil Noto
Veronica Casson
Benjamin Rabe(Possibly the greastest man on Earth)
Daniel Simon(Draws a nice Tron Bike in under 3 secs)
Chris Uminga (Damn Fine Illustrator)
John Halliday(I can hangout with this guy all day)
Mathieu Lesage
Spencer Nugent
Jay Shuster(you owe me a print dude, and yes classic Maserati’s are awesome)
Joseph Strachan
Eddie Murphy from Epson(Makes a good drink)
Matthew J. Fletcher
Candice Uyloan & Joel Enos from the VIZ team(2 Most Awesome Peeps)
Billy Fowler
Thomas Woode
Sal Navarro(Your wife and my GF are trouble together)
Susan Murtaugh(Be visiting you soon)
Chris Cheung(Knows how to throw a Party)
Mia Robinson ( Coolest Girl I ever Met)
Luis Peso(Next Time im in Barcelona, we are hanging out)
Matt Connors(Great man and likes a good Scotch)

and the rest of the creative corner gang. It was amazing seeing, hearing, and hanging out with you guys. If I missed anyone..sorry, I will send you free cupcakes in the mail.

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5 thoughts on “Thanks for everything Creative Corner Team..

  1. It was a great experience and honour hanging around with you mate. The Creative Studio was an incredible experience and it was a shame we had the party the night before return flights home.

    I agree that when Kimberley and Sal’s wife get together, they are trouble lol but it was a great thing being the only person speaking ‘Queens English’ lol.

    Until next time mate, keep in touch and continue amazing the world with your art.

  2. The pleasure is all mine! It’s been an honor to meet such an incredible artist as u are! And I could copy/paste all those people too! So amazing and inspiring days!
    (btw, although my name is Luis Peso Chamorro, everybody knows me as Luis Peso -they may think:where’s Luis in this list? Lol!)
    Hugs mate!

  3. Jacques, it was so nice meeting you too! I felt so incredibly inspired after your presentation! The creative studio suite really did rock it out with the artist line-up! I hope to keep in touch and look forward to following you and your work! (and where was the scotch?! John Halliday and I were on a major hunt for a 25 year old bottle! (a massive fail on our part, by the way. lol)

    Anyway–see ya at Susan’s?! That’ll be major!

    Til then–Cheers!

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