Weapon X: CG Blocking out the Head


Woah, apparently I am a lazy Badstard. Lets talk Project Weapon X. I took a few hours to draw up some modeling sheets, for my own reference to model the head. Like any CG project, I take  a few hours to block out a simple representation of the head.Image

This helps to get the form out quick and easy, especially when we have to go back and model in detail. Understanding how the form will work and flow with the skeleton tech inside.Image

Since Weapon X is pretty bulky in form, there is alot of cable management from the chest to neck. Organizing what source goes to what source is tedious, but needed. Like most of my projects, you got to Name your Shit! I need to know every part to change, the devil is in the details.Image

As the project goes, I’ll go over Organization, Linking, and Layers through the Schematic View, and how not to blow your head off when it comes to that.

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