Vray Scene Setup

Working on lighting is always Fun. Even more fun when using V-ray. After establishing my models and shaders, optimizing and cleaning models to save memory, the actual lighting begins. I start off with a base scene with a V-ray Camera. The scene itself takes place within 4 walls with a window. A vray Sun is created that points down into the room, illuminating with white, with a subtle blue. Settings are shown, tweaking the Sun settings as necessary.


Finding the right Vray settings take time, its good to understand what you need, to pull off the quality and look.  My Vray setting tend to change from scene to scene. So its rare I use the same settings twice. For indoor scenes, I can share the same variables in theory, as goes for Outdoors.


Vray Camera is of high importance. Using many photographic theories to find the right settings, especially for a indoor exposure. Its good to understand  photography, in this case, know what exposure and fstop to use.





The ultimate goal is have a photographic rendering in the end. But it takes more then just lighting. There is still shader tweaking, scene layout, and texture tweaks.


 to be continued..

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