Paper 53 Pencil

Pencils, Pencils and more Pencils…seems like we are reliving the past once again. Stlyus this…stylus that. Reinventing..or just rehashing. The battle of pens/pencil are upon us once again.

So we have the Apple Pencil for the Ipad Pro. Feels good, works good, purchase a new Ipad XL and its all yours(Blog post coming soon). We have the MS Surface, works well, does the job, the “go-to” for sketch artists on the go… For now.

When you cant lug around a Ipad pro or Surface, we have our iPhones, probably the most useful digital sketchpad we can own. So, what tools do we have that works? Works well I mean. We have the Paper 53 Pencil.

Despite looking like a hulk pencil, that a mythological Titan should been using, it feels good. I purchased the Graphite version, cause I hate the other 2 options palette wise.

So, lets start sketching.


The weight, the balance, feels perfect. You feel it as you pass back and forth as you draw. With the tech inside, I was expecting it to balance incorrectly, but, I was surprised to see it tilted perfectly from Top to Bottom.

File_000 (1).jpeg

Functionality, it works! Using the paper 53 app works marvelously with the pencil. Smudge and draw, nice touch.


So lets look at the feature check list:

  • Surface Pressure, it works.
  • Eraser Tip, yea that works too.
  • Blend. Thats the smudge thing I was talking about. Yes, you can blend with your finger.
  • Palm Rejection. Oh, yea that’s always useful.

It works with top drawing apps, so your covered.

Click me to see Paper 53 pencil App list

So is it the perfect stylus/pencil? Well, i’ll be fair and say nothing is perfect. But we are asking for a tall order in this day in age. No matter what stylus is created, a real artist knows and will feel it’s flaws the more they use it.

Should I buy one? I would say yes, at 29.99, its a deal. If your destined to draw on your phone, commute and/or traveling across the east coast(at the time im writing this..i am) I would say it is the most comfortable stylus to use with your iPhone.


Sorry my Android Brethen…these are not the Pencils your looking for. Despite the statment:


You are excluded..sorry guys.


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