Me and Adobe Kuler

When Adobe integrated Kuler in its Photoshop and illustrator package, it was my go too for color swatches.

Here we are, Adobe Kuler for IPhone. If you commute, an artist, and tend to work as you go, then this is a time saving app.

When I walk about the city, anything that has a hint of inspiration, I take a photo, adobe Kuler lets me take the swatches.

I’m always thinking about color palette, for many of my projects. Adobe Kuler makes it even more easier for me.


Photoshop CS6: Color Lookup

Color Lookup can instantly apply any of a selection of preset ‘looks’ to pixel layers. This includes bringing in lookup tables (LUTs), used in the grading and compositing processes in TV and cinema post-production. As well as being able to apply professional LUTs on images in Photoshop, it means you can also do your own grading on imported video clips.

Here are a few renders using Color Lookup. Presets listed below.


“No More Toys” A Last Look…

This is the final post for the image “No More Toys” aka Bunny Project. Its not a final render, or final materials, but I think I gave the audience a heaping dose into this very long, undirectional project. If you have any questions feel free to twitter or email me. I will post the final image when it is completed, but for now farewell, and see you in the next project.