Sneak Peek! Slam Bolt Scrappers Enemy Pig of War!

So whats happening at FireHoseGames? Want some teasing artwork to hold you over, check out one of the enemies featured in game.

What am I up to? NvArt Challenge

While I’m sketching I figured I should start trying out some 3d lighting test. The purpose for this, is to establish tone and style for the nvart challenge. Since this is in the style of Syd Mead, the style is more important to hit the marker on.

Here are some examples of Work that has inspired me by Syd Mead.

“No More Toys” A Last Look…

This is the final post for the image “No More Toys” aka Bunny Project. Its not a final render, or final materials, but I think I gave the audience a heaping dose into this very long, undirectional project. If you have any questions feel free to twitter or email me. I will post the final image when it is completed, but for now farewell, and see you in the next project.