Working with Vray RT

I’m always looking for a faster way to visual my 3d scenes. Vray RT provides a unique way  for that. Rendering in Real Time provides a overall experience to help the artist envision how the final possibly could look. From that vision, iterate on the fly, and excel productivity in lighting and materials.

Vray RT makes the Active shader more useful now, and I havent said that in years.


Currently I’m using this scene as reference to test out VRT. Rendering is very quick at defaults. My current card is a 2x gts 450 with SLI on. Not as great as my Quadro 5000, but still handles VRT very well giving the power.


Overall I’m producing great quality renderings, cutting out my time to do any test renders. Can this be used as Final Rendering? I cant say that for sure, maybe, i’m sure the technology will advance to that point. Overall I like using the material override to see materials work quickly, and saving out my images for review. Saving time is golden, and I’m happy with the results.

Art for Hope

Hey Manga Fans alike. Put down your Narutos and give to a good cause by Purchasing the “ArtforHope” art book on the Vizmedia App for Ipad. I know all you guys have an Ipad, so why we talking, go get the damn thing. 4.99 gets you something that is beyond special. See the 4.99 button, press it, seriously, I don’t want to find out where you live and send Gundam robots to shoot your house into pieces.

Artist from all over the world contributed new pieces designed exclusively for the Art for hope, a joint charitable venture between Vizmedia and Autodesk to benefit Architecture for Humanity.

Why are you still here? Buy the Book support the cause, you wont regret it.

Free SketchBookPro Backgrounds and Templates

Here is the Alias Sketchbook( Sketchbook pro) Templates and Backgrounds from sometime back. You can use these for any 2d software you like, very useful for day to day production.

Backgrounds are images that extend the usefulness of SketchBook Pro. These images serve several purposes. Lines and grids provide backdrops for your sketches. Charts, calendars and timelines provide visual guides for business planning. And storyboards and other graphic elements provide tools to improve your graphic productivity.



More info

01 Grid Lines and Dots A wide variety of grid patterns rendered in lines and dots in a several resolutions.
02 Line Pages A variety of 8 1/2 x 11 inch pages in various colors, orientations and resolutions.
03 Page Layouts A wide range of print pages and digital screens in standard letter, architectural, engineering and web formats.
04 Charts and Graphs A selection of business charts background to help you draw graphs quickly.
05 Calendars and Timelines Monthly, yearly, and daily calendars and timelines. Includes calendars with and without labels in several graphic styles, as well as clock faces.
06 Video Screens
An assortment of digital screens ranging from 320×240 digital video format to NTSC, HDTV, and various motion picture formats.
07 Storyboards Single and multi-page story boards in several styles and resolutions.
08 Perspective Guides A selection of one-point, two-point and three-point perspective grids to help you draw objects, buildings and scenes.
09 Musical Notation A collection of musical staffs for jotting down musical thoughts.
10 Paper Textures A collection of textured paper backgrounds.
11 Games Tic-tac-toe and Hang Man backgrounds.
12 Graphic Elements Squares, circles, stars, golden sections and other design elements.



What am I up to? NvArt Challenge

While I’m sketching I figured I should start trying out some 3d lighting test. The purpose for this, is to establish tone and style for the nvart challenge. Since this is in the style of Syd Mead, the style is more important to hit the marker on.

Here are some examples of Work that has inspired me by Syd Mead.