Weapon X Project..Logan fans welcomed.

Paying homage to the Wolf man himself, I decided to mechanize the X Man. I decided to do a sketch in Sketch Book Pro, trying to pre visualize the scene, and prepare to start modeling the mechanical mayhem. That’s right a 3d scene.

Using 3dsmax 2012 and V-ray for the task, Logan is ready to bust out. Ready to follow the process and get down and dirty? Really? Ok..stay tuned. Like all projects, we will document and post on you-tube some tips and tricks. Don’t know the tools? Don’t worry. Don’t know where to start? No worries. All will be shown.

Like all projects, Resource is the king. We want to portray a fierce mech, the spirit of the Wolverine, and some beautiful art.  Regressing and concepting will go a long way, even with the most complicated task, becomes a pleasing one. We even have a color palette in mind and mood setting.

“No More Toys” A Last Look…

This is the final post for the image “No More Toys” aka Bunny Project. Its not a final render, or final materials, but I think I gave the audience a heaping dose into this very long, undirectional project. If you have any questions feel free to twitter or email me. I will post the final image when it is completed, but for now farewell, and see you in the next project.