“Life Support”



I’m a sucker for Scifi Comics, in fact i’m knee deep in a few books, but one in particular has caught my attention. “Life Support” written by Ian Beck and illustrated by Shaun Mullen. “Life Support” makes great use of motion story telling along side some fantastic art by Shaun Mullen, which pulls you in and engages you. I’m a big fan of digital comics going this route, and “Life Support” makes great use of it. Check it out for yourself!

Issue 1 of Life Support is now available to read  for FREE over on DeviantArt and very soon you’ll be able to read it on the go on your mobile devices/tablets directly from the Madefire app.

Click >>>>  “LIFE SUPPORT”  <<<<<<Click

Me and Adobe Kuler

When Adobe integrated Kuler in its Photoshop and illustrator package, it was my go too for color swatches.

Here we are, Adobe Kuler for IPhone. If you commute, an artist, and tend to work as you go, then this is a time saving app.

When I walk about the city, anything that has a hint of inspiration, I take a photo, adobe Kuler lets me take the swatches.

I’m always thinking about color palette, for many of my projects. Adobe Kuler makes it even more easier for me.


Robot Rodents and Cheese! Vray

Started populating the scene with assets, cheese wheel being the major one. Giving the complexity and thought about a, cheese material, kinda drives me a bit nuts. Makes you think a bit…a cheese shader. Anyways…using a wax material might help, to fake a SSS situation.

Giving the scale of the mouse vs the rest of the scene, supplying real world assets around them, will help support the depth thats in the scene. Working on the DOF Canera, of the scene is critical, also, for the final look. The mouse got overhauled, retopologizing the Zbrush version, to a low poly using Topogun.

More thought is currently being sought out, for drumming in more activity into the scene. That includes new assets, and interactions with objects aroudn the worker mice.