SketchBook Pro and Character Art

It’s been a busy week in Boston, Pax East just ended, and I lost about  a week into my Comic Book. I owe Autodesk a shit load of work and I’m behind schedule. Good news is, Slam Bolt Scrappers is completed. I got some time to continue illustrating today(Sunday), I had lots of time to sketch out stuff on my Ipad.

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2 thoughts on “SketchBook Pro and Character Art

  1. What pencil do you use to do the rough draft drawing and which pencil do you use to make the final drawing on sketchbook pro on ipad

    • The rough sketch was done using SketchBook pro on ipad, I used a 5B Pencil and default pencil(2.82max/min). This was sent into Sketch Book Pro Desktop version, where I used my own custom brush

      Brush Settings

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