Art and Shit….A brief overview of making Art and Shit.

I have drawn many beautiful things in my life. But on occasions, I make shit.

So before I go on a Art rant, let me explain a few things about me. I have been an Artist since I can say the word Shit(Age 2). I’m very compassionate artist, and see great things in all living objects. Sometimes I talk about the beauty of form and function,  see expression in line weight, and tell myself what I see in portraits and what the artist probably felt during the time of creation. I often look at fluffy clouds and see images of inspiration and hope(including shit). But there are moments, and yes, you probably are knee deep in them right now.  First of all, I’m not talking about the starvation of ideas, or inspiration needed, no, I’m talking about creating, without even trying…Shit.

Out of all the great things that came about during my career, there is a moment, you will sit down and try all your might, and come up with something you will stare at, erase, and plain out look at for days. You will give up on this creation, rip it to shreds, and  try again, but… only to fail. These aint the moments of a starving artist, this is the moment when everything fails for you. So, its regression right? No, when you regress, you continue till it becomes something you feel is right.

So what do you do? Nothing. Stop what the fuck your doing, stop killing yourself over it and go play mario bros or whatever gets you off. Forget all about it and move on. Time is a sacred thing, and so is your brain. This is where I say, Chillax, or my favorite..Fuck it. Not all things are going to work out, maybe its the fact you just published your self twice in under a month, or created some awesome work weeks before hand. Tell yourself, your an artist, I’ll do something next month. So there, go sit on your throne, ponder, and conquer your enemeis next month.

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