Working with Vray RT

I’m always looking for a faster way to visual my 3d scenes. Vray RT provides a unique way  for that. Rendering in Real Time provides a overall experience to help the artist envision how the final possibly could look. From that vision, iterate on the fly, and excel productivity in lighting and materials.

Vray RT makes the Active shader more useful now, and I havent said that in years.


Currently I’m using this scene as reference to test out VRT. Rendering is very quick at defaults. My current card is a 2x gts 450 with SLI on. Not as great as my Quadro 5000, but still handles VRT very well giving the power.


Overall I’m producing great quality renderings, cutting out my time to do any test renders. Can this be used as Final Rendering? I cant say that for sure, maybe, i’m sure the technology will advance to that point. Overall I like using the material override to see materials work quickly, and saving out my images for review. Saving time is golden, and I’m happy with the results.

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